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Shahinour Ruby – Hair and Makeup Artist

Shahinour Hossin started her journey from the age of 16 doing Bridal hair and makeup on her friends and relatives wedding day. From that time she found her passion and turned it into a career. She works along with Afra Hossin doing hair and makeup on clients as a SENIOR MUA.


Afra  Hossin – Hair and Makeup Artist

Afra Hossin, at just the age of 18, has caught the attention from many big hair and makeup artists around the UK with her makeup abilities. She fit right into the beauty industry striving for the best and achieving many looks. She believes hair and makeup is always an interesting and diverse feature of everyday life, including in the fields of dancing, acting, bridal, parties, etc. This led her to learn and gain more insight of the art of makeup and be inspired by renowned makeup artists around the UK starting from her mum Rubyz Artistry, who is a celebrity hair and makeup artist. This inspiration and motivation led her to expose her talent of making someone’s big day memorable. Her friends and family boosted her confidence and with their support she began her journey in the beauty industry.

Working extremely hard from top to bottom she skilfully utilises top quality makeup products to achieve the prefect look each bride needs. With the beauty industry growing Afra Hossin created an academy in which her goal is to train upcoming hair and makeup artist and share her secrets to success in the beauty industry. The key to success is not only to do great makeup but also to know the concept of business, so you can start your work as soon as possible with the perfect knowledge of gaining customers. Therefore, her academy has become a beacon for aspiring business women to achieve their dreams and passion.

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